We’ve joined with other public agencies to invite cities and counties to participate in a united effort for better air during this inversion season. Please forward the following information to your employees and consider how the linked materials can be included in communications to your residents on your website, in social media and through other communication channels you have available.

Air quality is a significant concern for Utahns. Winter temperature inversions trap emissions that form particulate matter pollution. Complex chemical processes create harmful pollutants that rise to unhealthy levels, posing public health risks, economic consequences and decreased quality of life.

We can make a stronger impact working together than if we work individually on this issue. A strong framework of organizations that cares about Utah’s air quality has been working on initiatives to improve it. We’ve compiled below a short list of resources and suggested actions you can take to involve your constituents and employees in the effort.

  • Visit and share the website where the public can learn about small behavior changes for better air. The Utah Clean Air Partnership is running a statewide public education campaign this inversion season. Join the cause and consider sharing social media posts about air quality using the hashtag #ShowUCAIR.
  • Visit the Utah Department of Environmental Quality Wood Burning Program pages to learn about the impacts of wood burning and to access the DEQ’s Inversion Toolkit.
  • Hear the private sector’s perspective on air quality by attending the Salt Lake Chamber Business Case for Clean Air Summit on Dec. 4, or listen to panel discussions posted to their website after the event. Also, join the Chamber-led Inversion Mitigation Initiative, which will be detailed at the Summit.
  • Visit for a variety of resources designed to reduce single-occupant vehicle trips, including a Community Resource Kit especially for local governments.
  • Try transit. It’s never been easier to get out of your car and ride transit along the Wasatch Front, and there are many resources available to help plan your trip. Visit, call 1-800-RIDE-UTA, or utilize any of the great third-party transit apps. Paying your fare is simple with UTA’s FAREPAY card. In addition, there are several bulk pass discount programs available that can be tailored to your office location. This makes it even more attractive to leave your car keys at the door. For transit trips outside of the Wasatch Front, check out the UCAIR's Public Transit page and give it a try!
  • Consider ways to reduce idling in public places and amongst your employees. Learn more at Utah Clean Cities' Idle Free Utah page.
  • Prepare an Emergency Air Quality Implementation Action Plan with help from Breathe Utah, or contact Breathe Utah to deliver a fun, interactive and informative "Air Aware" presentation to your school, workplace or community group.

Join with us in making a difference in Utah’s air quality this inversion season and #ShowUCAIR!

Mayor John Curtis, Chair of the MAG Regional Planning Committee