In order to protect the quality of storm water within Pleasant Grove City, the Council has adopted ordinances and the storm water managmenet plan (document link below). Residents can assist in keeping storm water clean by not disposing of waste materials in gutters (e.g. leaves and grass clipings), sweeping up sidewalks and gutters, washing cars on the lawn, and reporting those who pollute (illicit discharge) the City storm drain system.  All curbs and roadway shoulders, along with curb collection boxes and the underground pipes are part of the City storm drain system.  Keeping these clean helps keep our local streams, Utah Lake, the Jordan River, and the Great Salt Lake clean and useful for all.

Management Plan Document
Pleasant Grove Storm Water Management Plan
Pleasant Grove Storm Water Management Plan – 2016 Update – Draft
Utah Pollutant Discharge Elimination System Storm Water Program Small MS4 Report Form


Report an Illicit Discharge (Storm Water Pollution/Dumping)
To report pollution or dumping of any material in the storm drain system, please call 801-785-2941 (Mon-Thur 6:30-4:00, Fri 6:30-10:00am) or 801-420-0554 (after hours). You may also use our online form.

Construction Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP)
SWPPP's for development projects (subdivisions and commercial or multi-family housing sites) are presented and approved through the development process.  Use the Utah DEQ's template for preparing the SWPPP found on their website (LINK). The document is titled "Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) Template: Authorized States (Appendix A)".

SWPPP's for individual single family lots are submitted and approved with the building permit. The City form (Click here for form) should be downloaded, completed, and submitted with the building permit. Be sure to sign it.

General Questions
Quesions about the storm drain system may be called in to 801-785-2941 or you can use the online form.

Educational Materials
Each month we will post a new tip to help you learn about how to keep our storm water drains clean.


General guidelines - What Can You Do?


Storm Water Pollution Prevention Video


Storm Water Pollution Prevention Video for Children


MS4 Annual Reports
2009-2010 Report
2010-2011 Report
2011-2012 Report
2012-2013 Report