Recycling Schedule for 2019

Services for Garbage and Recycling will be delayed 1 day after the following holidays:

Memorial Day
Labor Day

Pleasant Grove City would like to encourage residents to contribute to a cleaner, healthier environment by recycling.

Recycling Q&A

Q. How often will recyclables be picked up?

A. Curbside pick-up of recyclables will take place every other week; a total of 26 times a year.

Q. Which day of the week?

A. Pleasant Grove Recycling Routes
North Route Boundary
East Boundary to West Boundary - 1100 North and everything NOrth of 1100 North. This will also include the area of 100 East to Mt. Timpanogoas and Grove Creek Drive/Road to 1100 North.
The North Route will begin pick-up on Wednesday June 2, 2010.

South Route Boundary
Everything and anything not included in the North Route Boundary.
The South Route will begin pick-up on Wednesday June 9, 2010

Q. What can I recycle? What is not allowed?

A. Plastic bottles, aluminum cans, newspaper, and plain cardboard are among the items that can be recycled. Glass, Styrofoam, and food-contaminated items cannot. For a complete list of which materials are acceptable and how to prepare them for recycling, please click here.

Q. Do all recyclables go into the same cart? Do I need to separate plastic from paper, for instance?

A. You do not need to separate acceptable recyclables. Everything can go into the recycling cart together.

Q. I want to participate in the curbside recycling program. What do I need to do?

A. If you would like to participate in curbside recycling, please call city hall at (801-785-5045) they will order a recycling cart to be dropped off at your residence.

Q. I live in an apartment. Can I participate in Pleasant Grove’s recycling program?

A. Apartment residents and all others who do not have individual curbside garbage pick-up will need to work through your Home Owners Association to arrange special recycling pick-up directly with Republic Services.

Q. How big are the recycling carts?

A. The recycling carts are about the same size as your current curbside waste cart. Both carts are approximately 95 gallons in volume.

Q. If I have too much recyclable material for my recycle cart, can I put the overflow next to my cart?

A. No. The Republic Services trucks are designed to pick up recyclables only from the recycle carts. You will need to compact the recyclables or hold the overflow until the next pick-up time. Another option is to order an additional recycle cart from the city. The extra cart will cost an additional $5.90 per month.

Q. Could I save money by choosing to have garbage pick-up every other week, like with recycling?

A. Currently this is not an option, but the city and Republic Services are continually exploring ways to make these services the most cost effective for Pleasant Grove’s citizens.

Q. Should I stop taking old newspapers to the recycling bin at my local school?

A. No. While the new curbside recycling program accepts newspaper, our local schools have been benefiting from newspaper recycling bins for years. If you have been in the habit of donating your old newspapers to benefit your local school, Pleasant Grove City encourages you to continue.