The engineering division is responsible for reviewing plans, plats, drawings, etc. for development projects within the City to ensure conformance with City standards and accepted design principles.


Engineering and Public Works Director: Marty Beaumont 801-785-2941

City Engineer: Shaun Hilton 

Engineering Inspector: Ryan Sabey 801-960-5200

Standard Specifications and Drawings

Master Plans

Street Lighting

Pleasant Grove City owns and maintains all public street lights. When lights are out, damaged, or otherwise not functioning correctly, they should be reported to Pleasant Grove City. That may be done by using the streetlight issue app link below or by contacting Public Works at 801-785-2941.

New lights cost about $4,000 per location, although this may vary depending on the distance to a power source. City funding of lighting depends on allocation of the general fund budget by the City Council.

Development Application Checklists