100 East Reconstruction Project

For information on the 100 East Reconstruction Project please visit https://www.canyonroadconstruction.com/

Walker Tank

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Murdock Drive Utility and Street Improvements

For move inrofmraiton please click on the following link: https://www.pgimprovements.com/murdock-drive


Improvements are coming to Murdock Drive, courtesy of Pleasant Grove City. These improvements include:

Storm drain installation from 1100 North to 930 North

Waterline replacement along Murdock Drive

New roadway construction connecting Murdock Drive to Grove Creek Drive

Along with these improvements, Murdock Drive will be resurfaced from 1100 North down to Grove Creek Drive.


Construction is underway on Murdock Drive with waterline installation moving north from Grove Creek Drive toward 1100 North. Additional crews are working just ahead of the waterline work, milling the asphalt near curb and gutter to prepare for installation.


This project began in early April 2018 and is scheduled to last for four months, wrapping up in early August 2018.


Please contact the Public Works Department

at 801-785-2941 with comments or

questions related to this project.