Images of potential projects helped by the tax increase:

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Recent Flood in Basement, August 6, 2013 - Flood came 15 feet from the Server Room

Storage Rooms and interview Rooms - have been made into very small offices with poor ventilation and no windows.   There is no storage space in many of the offices and very confined working area.

Network Wiring Room - The entire Pleasant Grove City Network is housed in a grossly inadequate basement room that has no sub-floor, poor climate control using a 12 year old Mitsubishi ceiling mount cooling system and no separation from power sources for the building.  There have been numerous water leaks in the network room in recent months.  

Investigations - The processing of evidence by detectives is difficult in the make-shift processing areas that were once storage rooms and are inadequate for the work that needs to be accomplished.  

Evidence Room - The Evidence Room needed to be re-located from its original site due to the fact there was absolutely no more room.  The only place the Evidence Room could be re-located is in the original boiler room/water heater room in the basement.  The Evidence Room has a ‘nasty’ floor drain that emits a terrible odor from an unknown substance.  The evidence stored in this room is subject to water damage in the event the water heaters leak.  

The original elevator shaft had to be made into a make shift ‘long term’ evidence storage room for homicide cases and  other permanent evidence  cases and is extremely difficult to access  due to the high shelves.  

There are not enough evidence lockers to accommodate the short-term storage of evidence until it can be placed into the evidence room.  

Patrol Room
- The patrol room has four workstations for officers to use to write reports.  Many times officers need to wait for a free computer to get their reports done because they are all in use.  

The lack of storage room in the patrol office causes concerns with no place to keep many of the items needed by patrol.  Every cupboard, closet and shelf is filled to maximum.  

Lockers and restroom facilities for patrol is grossly lacking.    

Storage Areas - Every available space has been utilized for storage.  Records are stored under the stairs.  Electronic equipment is stored in the women’s restroom, officers quartermaster storage is unable to hold any more equipment.  There are boxes, shelves and floor storage all throughout the building, which presents a very cluttered, un-kept environment.        

Prisoner Processing and Transporting
- The booking area used for officers to processes prisoners is small and dangerously confining.  It becomes very difficult for an officer to contain prisoners if needed due to the close proximity of obstructions, equipment, counters and furniture.  

The booking area is right next to the communications center and on more than one occasion the security of civilian employees has been compromised by in-custody prisoners.

Transporting prisoners from the officers patrol vehicle into court requires the prisoners be walked pass the communications center, several offices and through the public lobby, which is often full of citizens, causing serious security concerns.