Dear Pleasant Grove Citizen,

The success of this service relies on YOU. Having your latest contact information is the only way to ensure that we can contact you in an emergency. Please Opt-In at no charge with your contact information as soon as possible. Opt-In registration is free and easy and only takes a few minutes, just go to our Pleasant Grove City website – and click on the link. Fires. Road closures. Gas leaks. Water line damage. How will you find out about citywide emergencies and disasters? Your safety is our top concern. Early warning helps save lives and property. That’s why Pleasant Grove City wants to make sure you know about emergencies and disasters as they happen. Pleasant Grove will use the Everbridge SmartGIS System to let you know about issues that may affect your safety. The Everbridge system will allow Pleasant Grove City to contact thousands of residents in seconds so you find out about an emergency right away. Receive important messages from the City on your phone, email, and more. Everbridge SmartGIS System can deliver messages to you any way you want—on your home phone, cell phone, email, and more. This way, we can reach you in any emergency. We may also use the system in non-emergency situations to let you know about important City-related events, such as meetings, parade closures, or street cleaning changes.

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