Guy Fugal 

I am running for Mayor of Pleasant Grove to fulfill a legacy of service, honor and trust that will benefit the citizens of Pleasant Grove for several generations. I am a life-time resident of Pleasant Grove. My great grandfather was one of the early settlers. My experience in business and community service, over the past 50 years, has given me opportunities to put my words into action. I listen to all voices, have the ability to unite citizens together, balance difficult budgets and make insightful decisions that will have positive, long-term benefits to our community.By voting me for Our Next Mayor, Your voice will become Our Voice.  Cell: 801-592-4422 

Cyd LeMone 

Serving as an elected leader since 2012, Cyd LeMone has gained the knowledge, experience and dedication required to hold the Mayoral office. Cyd has worked with residents through the toughest issues Pleasant Grove has faced including the passing of the Public Safety Building, working to implement a road fee, reducing high density housing and attracting quality businesses to improve our tax base.  Cyd and her husband Ryan are raising their three boys to one day make Pleasant Grove their home.  Cyd has prepared herself to be the voice of our community as Mayor for families now and in the future. 

Cell: 801-318-2856 E-mail:  Website: : Fb: Cyd 4 PG Mayor

city council candidates 2017-finalBen Stanley 

Ben Stanley (president Utah County Rotary Club; magna cum laude BYU Law School) has served on nearly every Pleasant Grove board and commission, and asks for your vote to love and build our community, uniting city employees and citizens through inclusive processes. 

PROVEN: As a public servant, Ben has worked toward real solutions, leading the discussion on fixing roads while keeping taxes and fees low.

PRINCIPLED: Ben has an ideal record of economic development, founded the Pleasant Grove Ambassadors to Business, and advocates transparency and accountability that benefits us all.

PROFESSIONAL: Ben is responsive, engaged, and respectful of every opinion.

Dianna N. Andersen 

I have enjoyed 26 years of meeting, serving, working, and playing with the great people in PG.  Because we own our own business, I have many relationships in the Utah business community that have helped with my “Pleasant Grove is OPEN FOR BUSINESS” vision. Pleasant Grove is a great place to Live, Work, Shop and Play. Sales tax dollars to PG City have increased 29% during my four years.

I will Vote No on Prop 3. I love Pleasant Grove and would love to serve the citizens for 4 MORE YEARS.  Pleasant Grove is a Great Place to Grow.801-318-7894 Facebook Dianna Andersen


Blaine Thatcher 

Blaine graduated from the School of Accountancy at Brigham Young University and has worked for 32 years in the accounting field. Blaine owns his own accounting practice and helps businesses develop accounting systems to produce information for good management decision making. Blaine has helped numerous businesses control costs and successfully plan to meet growth needs.Fixing our roads/infrastructure while keeping our current city services is possible. We need representatives that believe it can be done and will adhere to principle in making it happen. Our city needs leadership. Join us in bringing principled, qualified leadership to Pleasant Grove.

 Email: Website:


Todd Williams

As a local software executive I have managed multi-million dollar budgets and made difficult decisions to eliminate unnecessary expenditures and find ways to be fiscally responsible.   We need individuals to serve our city who have the experience to grow revenues, collaborate with citizens, and make decisions that improve our Grove. This election needs to be about our future.  It needs to be about infrastructure, long-term structural plans, and the future of growth in our city.  It’s what I do, it’s what I’ve done. I bring people together, I make strategies work, I make budgets work, and I get things done.  #todd4pg 385-515-8088 Todd4pg.comToddwilliams4pgcouncil


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