Use of Secondary Water

The City will start filling the secondary water system around April 11th. This process generally takes a few weeks to get all of the air out of the system and begin properly providing water. Everyone is being asked to wait until May 1st to start watering. The following is the recommended watering procedure:

  1. Please check your valve to make sure that is has been turned off from the winter months.
  2. Open your valve slowly to check for leaks and broken pipes.
  3. If you have a broken pipe it was most likely frozen throughout the winter months.

Due to the ongoing drought we will continue this year with a watering schedule. If your house number is odd your watering days are Mon., Wed., and Fri. If your house number is even your watering days are Tues., Thurs., and Sat. We will be monitoring water usage for noncompliance to watering days and wasting water again this year. Compliance officers will be working around the clock. Please adhere to your days and conserve where you can.