About the Fire Department

The Pleasant Grove City Fire Department was organized in 1906. For over 100 years, fellow citizens protected the people of Pleasant Grove as volunteer fire fighters and Emergency Medical Technicians. In July, 2008, the fire department, through a federal grant, began providing fire and paramedic level emergency medical services 24/7 through a group of freshly hired, full time fire fighters. The volunteer spirit is still alive as part-time fire department employees play an integral role in providing emergency services.

The fire department is always training and preparing so that we will be equal to the numerous opportunities we have daily to provide our community with the rapid and quality emergency services you have come to expect. We are an all hazards fire and rescue department and employ highly skilled professional firefighters and paramedics. It is our pleasure to serve you - if you are ever uncomfortable with an emergency situation, large or small, please do not hesitate to call us - our number is easy to remember - 911.