Pleasant Grove Business Directory

Here are the listings of the current businesses in Pleasant Grove. Each category is a document in PDF format. If you don't have Adobe Reader or another PDF viewer you will need to download one. You can download Adobe Reader for free by going to Please make sure you have the most current version to ensure compatibility.

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License Types (Codes)

COMM:  Commercial
HOME OCCP:  Home Occupation
MHO:  Major Home Occupation
COA:  Commercial with Amusement Device like pinball machines, etc.
COB:  Commercial with a Bond like beer bond, auto – surety or cash bonds
COAB:  Commercial with Amusement Device and Bond

How to Report Listing Errors

If there are listing errors please let us know simply fill out the following form and we will correct them promptly. It is each business owners responsibility to make sure that this list is accurate.
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A - Accounting - Aviation

B - Bakeries - Business Services

C - Car Washes - Crafts

D - Dance - Drafting

E - Education - Events

F - Fabrication - Funeral

G - Grocery - Guns

H - Health Services - Handyman

I - Industrial - Investments

J - Jewelry

L - Landscaping - Locksmith

M - Machinery - Music

N - Net (Internet Sales) - Non-Retail

P - Personal Services - Publishing Services

R - Real Estate - Roads

S - Sales - Storage

T - Telecommunications - Treatment

V - Vending - Vision